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Hello there! *Ehem*

My name is Richard, but I also come by the names Chard, Dhapsie and Cee. And below is a list of 100 random things you would or would not like to know about me.

  1. I am the youngest of three boys. My eldest brother is Ryan, while my second eldest is Ruben Jr.
  2. I was born a Leo (July 27) and Earth Dragon (1988).
  3. I took my pre-elementary, grade, and secondary school in one school: Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Bulacan.
  4. Because of number 4, my childhood has been really fun. Imagine, almost all of my pre-school classmates were also my classmates until senior high school! Kababata, indeed.
  5. I was an academic achiever way back then. I graduated First Honorable Mention in elementary and Salutatorian in high school, plus some academic and leadership awards. I was also active in extra-curricular activities, having been a member of the school's volleyball varsity team, and our school's representative to various cultural and non-academic competition like quiz bees, declamation, essay writing, and some dance contests.
  6. When I was graduating for high school, I only took entrance exams for UP and UST. (Let's not count FEU-East Asia College since they were the one who actually went to our school and administered free entrance exam, which I passed with flying colors.) I passed to both universities, and I ended studying BS Agricultural Economics in UP Los Banos.
  7. I became a member of the UPLB Filipiniana Folk Dance Troupe and a baby of Teatro Umalohokan, having been given a chance to perform in their annual Isko't Iska, a play by, of, and for the freshmen of UPLB.
  8. A year after studying living life to the extremes in UP Los Banos, I transferred to FEU Manila. I studied AB Political Science.
  9. I became a member of the prestigious FEU Oratorical and Debate Council - Debate Chamber. I also had my share of student servant leadership when I became an officer of ORADEC - Debate Chamber (OIC Director for Finance in 2008 and Vice Chair in 2010) and the Political Science Society (3rd Year Level Representative in 2007), and the Political Science and International Studies Society (Secretary in 2010). I was a proud Tamaraw, having been able to represent Far Eastern University to various debate tournaments and other out-of-school activities.
  10. I stopped after my junior year in college. During that time, I worked as an ESL Teacher to the Koreans in Commonwealth, Quezon City.
  11. I finally graduated April 12, 2011: Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science. PICC beybeh!
  12. My first job after graduation isn't a 'real' job actually. I currently work as a message operator to one US mobile application, and it's home-based! I get all the pay, no taxes, no deductions. I work during the night, and I sometimes do bookings... of hotel room use, restaurant dinings, and other appointments. Downside is, I don't get some benefits. Hello health security!
  13. I got my first ever Starbucks Planner just this year (2012). I chose the oak design. I actually managed to get two. I sold the other planner to my friend.
  14. I have three pamangkins: John Paul, Raleigh Lexiss, and Jhaiden Brett. All boys, please.
  15. I am very into social networking. I have two facebook, a twitter, formspring, tumblr, google+, and (the defunct) friendster accounts. I also have foursquare, linkedin and downelink accounts which I seldom open. I also have accounts to other forum sites and sns like lookbook and chictopia.

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