Sunday, November 27, 2011

Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

Hi everyone!

It is 5:28 in the morning and I woke up super early. Well, I could say it was a good thing because I was still able to check on my facebook and twitter before preparing to school. Oh yes! I go to school, again.

I am now taking a Certificate in Professional Education in Our Lady of Fatima University in Lagro, Quezon City. Ooops, haven't I told you that I want to be an Educator? Yes, I really want to become one. No pressure, I think being a teacher is really the most noble profession anyone could ever have. It complements becoming a parent, because you act like one when 'real' parents entrust their children to the school. It makes you become more open and understanding, and taking care of kids prepare you to family life. Ah-hah!

Cute thing about my enrollment is that I am the only one enrolled for my batch (A.Y. 2011-2012, Octoberian/Second Sem). I think I am, or maybe I am just assuming. Haha! Regardless, I feel young and soooo vulnerable because I really am one of the youngest and the newest too. But thanks to my classmates (I find it weird now calling my classmates 'classmates,' hello graduate school!), I have an instant map, navigator, coach and friends.

Ate Pina just told me that my breakfast is ready. I should get moving by now. I have a report later in my last class. I will be presenting about Organizing as a Function of Management and I still don't have any activity prepared in mind to be done later in my stint. Lord bless my soul.

So I guess it is time to say my goodbye, for now.

See you later, alligators!
Chard Lora

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Moving in. Again.

Hello folks!

I just moved in to blogger, again.

Well, wordpress seemed kinda stressful and complicated, and I don't want to make my life even harder than reality. So I took my friend Leny's advice to get out from wordpress and say another hello to blogger! Presto.

As I have written down to my wordpress account before, I want to have a blog that will become the mirror of my everyday life - raw, real and rich. Life is too much colorful to be bland, and very vibrant to be dull. I want to have another trash bin - to where I will share my thoughts, feelings, even cravings and rantings - something that will help me not to suddenly break down and feel the weight of the world pushing me down the ground.

I have so many things in mind that I have been meaning to share to everyone. Like, I am already 10 posts behind at most. There's just so many things that had happened for the past few days since I have started with my wordpress account. Now that I have moved in, I have to muster all what I have - strength, vocabularies, and photos (even music and videos) - to eventually have my posts ready, done and shared.

So, what a great way to start my blog (again) is to post a photo of me taken last Thursday when I went to my Mamay Jhen's house to partake on a suuuuuuuper advance birthday celebration for my Daday James. We were playing poker that time, and I was trying to convince Ronnel, to treat us with pizza, since he just slipped on telling us that he already have his 13th month pay. Luckily, I (us) was able to convince him for an 18-inch New York's Finest. Yum!

Me playing with Yellow Cab's sticker. Instant blackhead remover. Hahaha! :P

18-inch New York's Finest is superb. See that black circle in the center? That's actually a pizza cutter. Nice!


Anyways, I am thinking of doing an everyday whattabout kind of blog. My friends call it a "lifestyle" blog, but I just think that it's too technical for a term. I am just looking around for things to be trashed in here.

Yes, you read it right. This is another trash bin of another playful not-so-teen-teener.

Welcome to my blog! My life: raw, real and rich.

Chard Lora