Saturday, November 26, 2011

Moving in. Again.

Hello folks!

I just moved in to blogger, again.

Well, wordpress seemed kinda stressful and complicated, and I don't want to make my life even harder than reality. So I took my friend Leny's advice to get out from wordpress and say another hello to blogger! Presto.

As I have written down to my wordpress account before, I want to have a blog that will become the mirror of my everyday life - raw, real and rich. Life is too much colorful to be bland, and very vibrant to be dull. I want to have another trash bin - to where I will share my thoughts, feelings, even cravings and rantings - something that will help me not to suddenly break down and feel the weight of the world pushing me down the ground.

I have so many things in mind that I have been meaning to share to everyone. Like, I am already 10 posts behind at most. There's just so many things that had happened for the past few days since I have started with my wordpress account. Now that I have moved in, I have to muster all what I have - strength, vocabularies, and photos (even music and videos) - to eventually have my posts ready, done and shared.

So, what a great way to start my blog (again) is to post a photo of me taken last Thursday when I went to my Mamay Jhen's house to partake on a suuuuuuuper advance birthday celebration for my Daday James. We were playing poker that time, and I was trying to convince Ronnel, to treat us with pizza, since he just slipped on telling us that he already have his 13th month pay. Luckily, I (us) was able to convince him for an 18-inch New York's Finest. Yum!

Me playing with Yellow Cab's sticker. Instant blackhead remover. Hahaha! :P

18-inch New York's Finest is superb. See that black circle in the center? That's actually a pizza cutter. Nice!


Anyways, I am thinking of doing an everyday whattabout kind of blog. My friends call it a "lifestyle" blog, but I just think that it's too technical for a term. I am just looking around for things to be trashed in here.

Yes, you read it right. This is another trash bin of another playful not-so-teen-teener.

Welcome to my blog! My life: raw, real and rich.

Chard Lora

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