Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Unplanned Morato Night

There really are some things that money can't buy - friendship, happiness, accomplishments and even grief and sorrow. But for the other things, let's talk about it with a cup, or should I say cups of coffee.

Seriously, it was a first on my end to be particularly fanatic of Starbucks. Blame its 2012 planner, it made me spent much almost everyday and I just don't know why. It was probably because of the thrill and excitement, and also maybe for the sense of fulfillment when the day came that I actually have redeemed my first... and second planner.

Say hello to Spruce and Bamboo! <3

I got my Spruce (my first ever Starbucks Planner... EVER!) last November 9. Yeah, just almost a week since the promo began. Put the blame on my office mates Stef, Andrea and Rahne. It was fortunate of me though to have it since I really am a busy person, i.e. school, work, community, family, church and friends. So I was really thankful, and thought of collecting another set of stickers for another planner.

Thank you Starbucks (Happy Birthday too!) for your awesome treat. If it was not for your promo, I would have waited for another three days or a week to finally get my second planner. For the record, I got my second planner last night, at Starbucks Tomas Morato (the one near California Berry). But prior to that, I was in Starbucks SM Fairview, for that was my original plan - to have two Christmas Featured Drink and get my planner. But Stef and Andrea are on Morato that time, and I really wanted some company. So I went there.

While having friendly conversations over some grande and venti cups of frappes and tea, we decided to have something to eat. We craved for dry noodles but cannot go to North Park in Visayas Ave. because it was not practical, we ended half-decided to go Burger Machine. But I remembered munching a buy 1 take 1 triple patty burger the night before, so I insisted on looking to more places. And so we walked. Poor Andrea, she was like a probinsiyana who just arrived to Quezon City for the very first time, walking half-dead, totally tired. We saw Hotshots and eventually gave it a try.

It was kinda fast food but not. How will I describe the place? Hmmm. The place offers burger of different variants and sauces, i.e. wasabi sauce, caramelized onions, garlic cheese, and others; as well as fries, rice meals which they called "surp-rice" and pasta (spaghetti, hot & spicy, pasta con tuna). I ordered pasta con tuna while Stef had hot & spicy, which she said was really spicy. The pasta served came with a piece of garlic bread that we really enjoyed a lot. We even (thanks to Andrea) asked the store crews if the bread was on sale too, even if they are not included in the menu. Also, we ordered Burgeritos. They are three pieces of mini-burgers per order, which lettuce, tomato and onions. By the way, Andrea had a bottle of beer. I dared not follow.

Pasta Con Tuna. Yummy! =)) But... where were the tuna chunks?

The food was truly delicious, especially the mini-burgers. I remembered asking Stef that after eating the mini-burger, there was this feeling in me that urges me to order another round of burger, to which this time it shouldn't be a Burgerito anymore.

We stayed there until close to midnight. Then I went home, did my bedtime ritual and finally dozed off to sleep.


On my next blog entry, I will relate this super thrilling and wonderful experience of finding a missing person... after the person has been found. Please keep on praying with me that Tita Nita will be found soon. Thanks!

Chard Lora

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