Thursday, December 15, 2011

Circa 1961

Oh well, it has been two weeks since my last 'real' blog post. And I have to make bawi. Like, I really have to.

These past few weeks has been totally busy on my part. School and work, plus family and friends,are really turning my whole life in tables.

Two Sundays ago, I went to SM Fairview, particularly Book Sale, in my quest of looking for books related to my graduate studies. After spending almost an hour, for I was waiting for Stef to come, I was able to find and buy two books - not related to my studies though. One was about "how to effectively teach English Literature" (like I am not really aiming to become a Litt teacher, though I bought it anyway) and another was a fiction (almost magical, i.e. Harry Potter-ish) novel titled "Otto Hush." I went to National Book Store afterwards, still waiting for Stef. I was browsing through the book shelf of books related to Education (specifically Historical, Philosophical and Legal Foundations of Education) when I accidentally saw a book entitled "School Administration and Supervision." Oh yes! Oh yes! I was so happy to found the book, because one of the courses I am taking now is actually Educational Administration and Supervision, and I don't have any reference books for that at home. So I checked on the price, and it was only P280, good find I thought. Obviously, I bought it. Not thinking of anything that will make me regret buying it. All I was thinking back then was the real big help it would serve me for advanced readings and being it my main reference.

Now, let's talk about how I totally regretted buying this.

I have this tendency that whenever I do researches and look for references, I disregard books that were published earlier than 2005, or should I say 2000. Talk about time relevance. When I got home, I skimmed through the pages of the book that I bought, and (surprise! surprise!) the book was a oh-my-effin-gawd-1961-are-you-for-real-edition. I was like @_@. 'Nuff said.

I was like, "what happened to the world?" Le sigh.

I am still hoping that this book is a blessing in disguise. Who knows, I might be really able to use this, sooner or later.

By the way, our Graduate School will be having our Christmas Party on Sunday. Yes, my first ever Christmas Party for this year. I am really excited and looking forward for a happy and fun-filled bonding with my classmates and to other students from other post-graduate degrees. I wish that the P250.00 "hostaged" contribution is all worth it. I am also praying that I will win in the raffle, kahit OLFU jacket man lang.

Also, I will be going to Zambales on Sunday. Yeah right, after school. Company outing on a beach - on a very cold December.

Cheers to a happy Yuletide season,
Chard Lora

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